3 things retailers need to master by 2030


HIGHLIGHT — First it was the supply chain. Then it was COVID and fear of inflation. But now what?

As the industry looks ahead and tries to strategize for the near and distant future, what’s the next big thing that could have a huge impact on retail? More importantly, how can business owners prepare ahead of time? How will technology play a role and what will the home furnishings customer of 2030 look like?

Furniture Today has answers, and on September 9 and 10, publishers and industry leaders will showcase these solutions at the premier innovation event in Winston-Salem, NC.

Here are three of the topics that can help even small retailers achieve big results:

  • Making Money in the Metaverse – Keynote speaker Leslie Carothers will show business owners how to build their brand AND their bottom line with actionable strategies on how to enter the Metaverse. Featured in Forbes and named as one of the Top Interior Design Influencers of 2022, Carothers is a well-known thought leader in digital marketing, 24/7 online wealth building, the creation of online communities and the metaverse.
  • Understand what motivates your future customers — By 2030, Gen Z will represent 48% of all consumers and their revenues will increase by 500% according to forecasts. The research numbers highlight the tsunami of buying power to come just a few years from now, but some of their preferences might surprise even the most seasoned retailer.
  • Embracing Technology is a Must – Hear first-hand from industry experts and retailers about the key technologies that will separate winners from losers in the retail race. Think you can skip virtual or augmented reality? Think again.

Registration is open online for the event Innovation: Home Furnishings 2030 and Beyond. This is the only opportunity this year to spend a day and a half in the world of 2030 with the aim of mastering future challenges before they appear.

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I’m Cindy Hodnett, brand development editor for BridgeTower Media’s Home Furnishings division. Most recently, I worked in a marketing content development role, and now I’m putting my editor hat on for Furniture Today, Home Accents Today, Gifts & Decorative Accessories, Designers Today, Home Textiles Today, and Home Furnishings News. My first introduction to the business side of furniture was as editor for FT in 2012 and founding editor of Designers Today in 2015, and now I’m once again working alongside some of the industry’s most dedicated professionals to keep our readers informed about the events, people and companies that impact their business.


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