5 Characteristics of Caribbean Interior Design – Island Origins


The Caribbean aesthetic can help you create a warm and relaxing space. From upscale to casual variations, this interior design scheme embraces carefree living. Discover five characteristics of Caribbean interior design and bring island life to your home.

1. Rich colors

Whether you want to create a serene or vibrant look, the color palette sets the tone in a room. Choose a color scheme makes it easier for you to create a cohesive look between the walls, fabrics and artwork in your space. Whether you focus on warm oranges and reds, earthy browns and greens, or ocean blues, creating your dream room starts with the color palette.

2. Greenery

Another hallmark of Caribbean interior design is greenery. Indoor tropical plants infuse your design with vitality, adding organic color and form to tabletops or room corners. Consider elephant’s ear, orchids, bird of paradise, and indoor palm varieties that won’t overgrow the room. If you want minimal maintenance, use artificial plants to achieve the same lush effect.

3. Lighting

Create a bright space with natural and artificial light. If the room has windows, woven shades and gauzy curtains make better window treatments than heavier window treatments. Rattan pendant lights are effortlessly elegant. And a ceiling fan light that features a palm blade design creates a dramatic focal point.

4. Woven Accents

Achieve a natural look with woven accents. Rattan materials, such as rattan furniture or rattan wall hangings, give your space an inviting look. And an eco-friendly braided jute rug over a padding adds texture and warmth underfoot.

5. Linen

Finally, use linen for a carefree and gorgeous look. Linen upholstery, cushions and bedding require minimal maintenance. This cool, smooth fabric matches the tropical vibe of your updated space. Use the undyed fabric with a natural creamy hue or choose dyed linen in a color that coordinates with the room’s palette.


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