3 questions about money (which will help you fill your wallet with money)

3 questions about money (which will help you fill your wallet with money) In the world, money "is" associated with a number of very strong emotions.Each of us is strongly influenced by the surrounding circumstances and the mood of our time/region.So, what emotions are "in the head" of a person who is "always" "with money" and is "looking for a good time"?In this article, we will talk about the three "bad" questions about money, which inevitably leads to lack of money and an ever-empty wallet.1) What is the meaning of money?What is its essence and purpose?This question clearly distinguishes rich people from poor people (i.e., those who live "from paycheck to paycheck").The rich are the people who are well versed in money and are able to fully understand the issue of increasing or decreasing their income. The poor are those who do not understand "money" at all, but "are tied to it", i.e. they don't have any money at all.But they know how to handle them very well (and they are" in the money " even when the money is not there).2) where can I find additional earnings?It is a well-known fact that " money loves money" — both in the literal sense and in a figurative sense. And the more often you hear this phrase, the more likely you are to get a salary increase and an increase in your income.Well, today there is a real "money"able " part of our experience.After all, you can start earning money on any business today (including online).For example, I earn well on Lifestyle+, which includes the provision of a wide variety of value add services (sales of which are growing, primarily through direct advertisment of this article).I recommend starting your own business right now:it can be a small business, a very large business, or something completely different.In the future, you can also start earning money through participating in an affiliate program.Annex: I recommend starting your own business. This way you will be able to get a percentage of its eventual revenue (which will be a blessing for you in the long run).3) what is "money"?How to become a "money magnet" If you have a good income, it means that you have become a "money magnet" — i.e. you have a special "attract" for money.Similar financial behaviors are also included in the list of "universal" good " habits.These include the regulation of money, the prevention of the "occurrence" of inflation, the reduction of debts and the promotion of income.4) What is "money"made in?The first thing to do is to "make". This can be done by making a good habit of saving 10-20% of each income earned.