DH Company, supplier of eco-friendly interior materials and office supplies for people and the environment


Dongho Lee, the CEO, majored in landscape architecture in college, but first discovered PVC when he started working at an interior materials company.

He soon learned that there were many PVC interior materials. Lee was aware that PVC was not environmentally friendly and realized that much of the interior materials we came into contact with were PVC-based.

After visiting sites where interior materials were made with PVC, he found that some of the workers were actually suffering from health problems and skin irritations due to the long exposure to PVC. He realized the need to develop environmentally friendly products and began to pay attention to new clean materials.

Years later, Lee founded a start-up. His first commercial item was, of course, an eco-friendly product. He conducted product testing in 2019 and finally released eco-friendly office supplies and surface materials for high-end packaging in May 2020. He is currently coordinating with several clients for new products such as newspapers and plans to develop environmentally friendly synthetic materials. leather (surface material) for furniture.

The company’s office supplies and surface materials for packaging coated paper do not contain harmful substances such as endocrine disruptors, VOC-Ts, formaldehyde and heavy metals. A unique product manufacturing process, which does not use PVC, PU or other harmful substances, has also been developed and patented.

The process uses up to 75% recycled materials without compromising product qualities, does not emit hazardous substances and aligns with the modern ESG trend as it is simpler compared to conventional manufacturing processes for environmentally friendly products. of the environment.

The company has acquired KC certification for children and infant products, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. It is also in the process of obtaining Korea Eco-Label certification.

With its continuous R&D to develop materials that can completely replace PVC, the CEO promises that his company will strive to be a construction and interior materials company that can contribute to the environment and to people.

“Arts and Greenery”, “A&V”

Eco-friendly brand: Trademark registered in 2021

Products: Interior materials, office supplies, premium packaging surface materials, magazines

Meaning: Aesthetic design and eco-responsible image of the company expressed in English words


Media Contact
Company Name: DH co.
Contact person: DONG HO LEE
E-mail: Send an email
Country: Korea
Website: www.artsandverdant.com


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