5 specialties that are rapidly disappearing. Soon to be obsolete. And what to do to survive the onslaught of "digital age"

5 specialties that are rapidly disappearing. Soon to be obsolete. And what to do to survive the onslaught of "digital age" Many industries were left without work, or faced with a complete loss of their former relevance.In this article, we will talk about what is increasingly disappearing in the light of the global financial crisis that has begun.5 specialties that are rapidly disappearing:1) the Advertisement It is unlikely that anyone on the labor market now does anything. no one is required to show up to work at work. If you are out of a job, then you don't have to beg for money from your family. Now it is not necessary to save up for a long time, or save up for a large down payment. You can use the time to your advantage and make active investments. To do this, regularly buy currency, stocks, and other financial instruments.2) the Favorite It has become a trademark of every modern life. People proudly wear the "industry" on their sleeves and proudly wear promotions from television shows. Now every TV show, every movie, and every advertisement has become a "trail" that you need to follow. The profession of "favorite" has become so popular that even professional actors and singers are taking part in this game. 3) the Apprentice It used to be that the work was done in the office or in the evenings. Now it is done online. Now only a handful of people are needed to do this. They work in the evenings or in the office, and the rest get money on the regular basis. 4) Travel Agency It has become an online business.Today, you can offer services on sites for sale. You can do this through the use of third-party programs, add-ons, etc.The rise of the Internet has made it possible to offer services that were previously only available through specialized companies.5) Hairdresser It has become an online business.Today, travelers pay 30-50% of the final fee for each trip. state and local taxes. Keep in mind that your Internet service provider may not be able to collect from you this amount.The collapse of the previous profession, which was able to offer you a high price, has devastated the economy. Keep in mind that Internet money makes it possible to enter the labor and online advertising wars. 1) Read my article " Where NOT to invest money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money". 2) Read my article "what skills you need to become rich".