Glasgow Property: Where to Find Home Decor Inspiration


If you’ve just moved into a new home and are looking at a blank canvas, it can be easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to decorating and adding your own flair.

You may also find that some pieces are more delicate than others, because they are too small, too big, or have little quirks.

Finding inspiration for design is easy, even for the most inexperienced you just need to know where to look.

Social and online networks

There are countless resources online for finding design inspiration, from blogs, Pinterest, home interior accounts on Instagram, and companies specializing in interior design services. From people who have taken on major home improvement projects to DIY enthusiasts looking to develop their skills, you’ll find a style that matches yours, if not pushes your ambition.

Various social media platforms provide great ways to keep track of all of your ideas and styles that you love. With Pinterest, you can create boards for every room in your home and “pin” images and posts you like from other accounts to keep them all together. You can then refer to your chart when shopping or ordering samples. With Instagram, you can follow accounts that have styles that inspire you or even those who are on the same design journey. You can also find testimonials from people with properties similar to yours to see how they have been renovated or restored.

YouTube is a great resource if you’re looking for DIY tips, with plenty of helpful guides ranging from experts to learn-as-you-go ones just like you. Try wall panels or try your hand at color blocking, or even tips on how to recycle furniture – there’s a video for everything.

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TV shows

From the number of TV shows, we are all obsessed with everything about the house, from DIY to architecture and design. No matter what interests you, from looking for inspiration on how to decorate your bedroom, to building your own home from scratch, there is a show for you. From Grand Designs to George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, and even the return of our favorite ’90s makeover show, Changing Rooms.

If you’re struggling to style your home, we recommend Interior Design Masters, which follows the journeys of several amateur interior designers and various challenges every week. Think Bake Off though for home decor. And not to mention our favorite, the Scottish House of the Year. It’s not just a big show for design ideas and to take an interest in people’s homes, it is also a big tour of Scotland.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a makeover show to inspire you, you can even take inspiration from your favorite shows. Like Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe closet or Monica and Rachel’s purple living room.

Friends and family

Inspiration can be much closer to you if you visit the homes of your friends and family. You may find that they are similar in style to yours, or that they have tried their hand at DIY projects that they could give you advice on. People love to brag about recent deals and give recommendations, so bring a notepad and pen. You might want to avoid copying their house entirely and risk a huge hassle!

Show houses

New show homes will have been designed to show their full potential, so why not trust the experts? The next time you have a day off, why not visit the new construction projects near you and visit the show homes? You can even ask the seller where the items were purchased.

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Many of the latest interior trends are inspired by the fashion industry, and vice versa. Among the trending patterns, accessories and colors, you might find that the best ideas are hidden in your wardrobe. Trends come in and out of style, and so does fashion, so don’t be afraid to look back a few years, if not decades. Don’t throw away old furniture, instead give it new life. Don’t throw away that old Persian rug. Just because he can’t fit in a room doesn’t mean he can’t find a house elsewhere in the house.

Chat with your friends and family about the vibe you’re trying to get and if they have any old furniture tucked away in storage that could take up residence with you. The misfortune of some makes the happiness of others.

Design is all about experimenting, so be daring with colors, patterns and textures. Play with illusions by expanding the rooms with horizontal stripes; make rooms longer with solid walls and bring elements of nature inside with wooden slats, woven rugs and plants.

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