I’m A Mom You Can Save $100 On Kids’ Playroom Furniture With My Walmart And Ikea Dupes


THIS mom revealed how you can save $100 on a kids’ playroom table by shopping at Ikea and Walmart.

Although Amazon delivers quickly to your doorstep, they may not have the best deals like Walmart and Ikea do.


Kay.n.zee bought an Ikea kid’s table for $35, saving him $100Credit: TikTok / Kay & Zee

Kay.n.zee on TikTok shared his findings with his 37,000 followers.

A children’s table on Amazon costs $135, but Ikea sells a similar one for $35.

For people who think Ikea shipping is expensive, Kay.n.zee recommended another dupe at Walmart.

The table is only $39.99, $95 less than the Amazon option.

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Walmart has great affordable alternatives ranging from electronics to furniture to kitchen appliances.

They have a secret room of Flash Picks with discounts of up to 65%.

These offers are online only on their website.

Search “Walmart Flash Picks” to find available deals.

If you shop on the right days, you can save more money and get the best deals.

The Flash Picks end on Sunday, so hurry!

Ikea is known for its affordable furniture, and interior design expert Kristen McGowan posted an Ikea article on her TikTok that can spruce up your bedroom.

Ikea’s pillow inserts are a hidden gem that not many people know about, Kristen explained.

“[If] you are looking to decorate your room or sofas, get these throw pillows, you can get them in different sizes,” Kristen said.

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Affordability can also mean quality, so don’t miss out.

Chances are Ikea and Walmart will have deals to suit you!


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