I’m an interior design expert – 7 decorating trends I hate that make you look poor and make you feel like you’re living in a cheesecake factory


YOU should avoid some common decorating trends, according to an interior expert.

From particular color schemes to various patterns and textures, when it comes to designing your home, you should not opt ​​for these elements.


Laura Lisbon shared the decorating trends he hates
He said gray and white interiors make a place look cold, still and unattractive.


He said gray and white interiors make a place look cold, still and unattractive.

“For starters, we have Tuscan cuisine. They don’t belong in every home they’re in,” interior guru Laura Lisbon began in a TikTok. video shared with its 211,000 subscribers.

“Honestly, I just don’t get the appeal of your kitchen looking like a cheesecake factory.”

Tuscan style kitchens can be characterized by a vaulted brick ceiling, lots of cabinets, terracotta tile flooring and solid natural wood furniture.

Lisbon’s next complaint was about the faux wood tiles.

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“First of all, you’re not fooling anyone. Second, it looks bad, and I promise everyone will tear [them] in two or three years,” he said.

It’s transitioned to a particular door style that you’ll also want to ditch.

“Then we have the barn doors. Heavy as hell and add absolutely nothing of value.”

And there’s a specific color palette that makes your home feel unwelcoming, according to Lisbon.

“Then we have gray and white interiors. Honestly, it’s a step away from looking like Patrick Bateman. It doesn’t look fancy, and it’s the quickest way to give a place a cold, motionless and unattractive appearance.”

Lisbon also highlighted a trend from the mid-2010s that he called “heavy and gross.” He features an interior he described as “yellow pee and brown poo”, which you shouldn’t implement in your home.

And finally, the interior expert has some matching parts covered.

He said, “Then we got the curtains with matching padding. Don’t. That’s what I would do in The Sims 3. Don’t.”

Some people in Lisbon’s comments section agreed with her takes, such as one person who wrote, “The yellow and brown of the 2010s always reminds me of a dimly lit restaurant bathroom that needs cleaning.”

Other viewers had opposing opinions.

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One person said: “Faux wood tiles are popular for a reason. They are suitable for families with children and pets. Easier to clean, more robust, etc. Balance between design and functionality.”

A second joked: “I like gray and white because I’m boring and I don’t want people to feel invited and comfortable in my personal space. Please go out and don’t come back. please.”

Lisbon said 2010-inspired interiors with yellow and brown are "heavy and coarse"


Lisbon said 2010-inspired interiors with yellow and brown are ‘moist and coarse’Credit: Getty

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