I’m an interior design expert – the seven deadly sins of decorating including the furniture mistake everyone makes


WE ALL like to think we have good taste when it comes to decorating our homes.

but an interior design expert has revealed the seven deadly sins people commit when decorating.


Vivien revealed the seven mistakes people make when decoratingCredit: YouTube/Posh Pennies
Mismatched flooring can instantly make your home look disjointed


Mismatched flooring can instantly make your home look disjointedCredit: YouTube/Posh Pennies

Interior design expert Vivien from USA shared the mistake on her YouTube accountfancy pennies.

but fear not, if you’re guilty of these mistakes Vivien shares simple ways to fix them.

The number one decorating mistake is mismatched flooring, which can make your home look disjointed.

The worst way this can happen is if your flooring looks like it was updated at different times.

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But Vivien explains that you can easily solve this problem by replacing the mismatched flooring.

If you don’t have the budget for this, Vivien recommends installing a floating floor to place on the floor or using a large rug or taping vinyl.

The next big sign of design is having furniture that is the same height throughout the room.

“It’s one of the biggest giveaways that someone doesn’t have experience designing parts,” she adds.

Instead, opt for furniture and accessories of different heights, as this will make your space more visible.

The expert adds that not having houseplants in your house is a huge mistake that people make because it makes your house look sterile.

Not only do they add to the look of your home, but they’ve also been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, says Vivien.

Try adding some greenery to your home, even fake plants will work.

For those of you who love a DIY project, listen up.

The expert reveals that too many DIY projects should be avoided because you often end up with half-finished projects all over the house.

“I may or may not know this form of first-hand experience,” adds the expert.

If you want to get into DIY, limit yourself to a maximum of two to three projects at a time to ensure you actually finish them, says Vivien.

The expert adds that not measuring your furniture or room size before buying furniture is a common mistake that most people make.

This can often take your room from fabulous to dull, so always measure.

Matching furniture sets may have been the whole gamut for your nana and grandpa – but they aren’t anymore.

The expert explains that some things can match, but furniture sets are a no-no.

Instead, opt for individual pieces that show off your personality and style.

Finally, the expert recommends not using cold temperature bulbs.

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The blue lights give off harsh lighting that feels clinical and isn’t pleasant to be around.

Instead, opt for warmer lights to add softness and comfort to your home.

Matching furniture sets are an interior designer's worst nightmare


Matching furniture sets are an interior designer’s worst nightmareCredit: YouTube/Posh Pennies
Not measuring your furniture correctly can totally ruin the look of your home.


Not measuring your furniture correctly can totally ruin the look of your home.Credit: YouTube/Posh Pennies

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