I’m an interior design pro – 10 tacky trends you need to avoid, including a ‘blonde’ mistake


YOU may not realize it, but there are design trends that make your home tackier than you think.

An interior design channel on YouTube has outlined 10 trends to avoid this year if you want your home to look chic and timeless.


Interior design experts Valentina and John review the 10 trends they think should be avoided this yearCredit: Youtube / Maison de Valentina
Every design trend is good in moderation, too much of anything is not good


Every design trend is good in moderation, too much of anything is not goodCredit: Youtube / Maison de Valentina

Chain @MaisondeValentina is YouTube’s hub for luxury design, home renovations and stylish trends.

The account is managed by Valentina and her husband John.

In a recent YouTube video, Valentina and John cover the ten trends to avoid this year.

They start with the concept of sculptural furniture.

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Valentina explains that she is not against this kind of furniture, but that she is not convinced either.

“I think it’s really cool to include a sculptural piece in your home. It really gives it that kind of sophistication. It’s kind of worldly. It’s unique and artistic,” she says.

But you shouldn’t overdo it.

Try starting with a small piece like a vase.

John is not a fan of subway tiles.

“It’s not that subway tiles came out because subway tiles are a basic thing… but my choice is more to look for a style of subway tiles that maybe has something special” , says Valentina.

This tile is classic, but you never want it to feel “stale”.

Look for different variations and complete a wall with just one material.

Subway tiling is starting to get overdone


Subway tiling is starting to get overdoneCredit: Getty

Valentina reveals her controversial opinion of avoiding blond wood.

“People are fed up because a lot of people are doing it,” she explains.

Again, you can’t go crazy and cover your whole house with it.

Also, Valentina and John suggest looking for a native wood where you’re from.

“Crowds are coming up the aisle now,” jokes John as Valentina divulges the next trend – wicker and rattan furniture.

For Valentina, the open wicker and rattan furniture you’ll find at Urban Outfitters is too trendy to stay.

“He has this kind of disposable feeling. The scale isn’t necessarily there,” they say.

She suggests finding this type of furniture at Serena & Lily.

According to Valentina, the lazy loungewear fashion trend that started during the pandemic has now transferred into home design.

The raw wood finish and hype of the cloud sofa is going to be replaced with finer finishes.

“Next is bohemian replaced by my favorite, which is nomadic,” admits John.

Step away from the bohemian style


Step away from the bohemian styleCredit: Getty

Both styles are quite similar but have a few distinct differences.

“Boho is more of a lifestyle…and nomad actually has trips,” Valentina explains.

In other words, it’s the idea of ​​wanting to be worldly, when the nomad really is.

Having spaces that are too open is no longer a trend to follow.

More and more people are excited to start closing their spaces after the pandemic begins to subside.

“We’re not talking about walling off your whole house,” Valentina admits.

“But we think it’s going to be more segmented where you have different spaces with different roles.”

Hyper minimalism has taken over the design industry, and now it’s time for it to go.

Do not take out the details of your house.

That being said, the obsession with white walls is also starting to fade.

Too much color or too much white is not good


Too much color or too much white is not goodCredit: Getty

“It’s too much, there’s no contrast,” says Valentina.

Yet too much color is also not a trend to follow.

“If you use something too much, it stops having the impact you probably want in your space,” she explains.

“Your eye literally can’t land anywhere because it’s going around the room trying to look everywhere,” adds John.

Your home should always have contrast, and you can do that with tones or between rooms.

About 1,800 comments filled the couple’s video.

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Leonardo DiCaprio

“Every year the design trend people say ‘bohemian’ has come out and something else that looks EXACTLY like bohemian: ‘high bohemian’, ‘modern bohemian’, ‘scandiboho’, ‘nomad’, etc. .no one said.

Another viewer wrote: “What I agree with is that everyone should do what suits them. What makes us happy to be home is what we should have in our homes .”


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