I’m an interior design pro – if you have a small bedroom, try my three tips for making the space bigger


No one wants to feel like they’re living in a shoebox.

Luckily, interior design expert Gabby Christine shared three tips for making any bedroom look bigger.


Gabby Christine reveals three tricks to make any small room look bigger1 credit
Gabby is an interior design expert


Gabby is an interior design expertCredit: Instagram

Gabby is the TikTok queen of home DIYs, room design, and space makeovers.

She posted a video outlining three key tips anyone living in a small bedroom should follow.

“How to make your tiny bedroom feel a whole lot bigger,” Gabby says to preface the video.

First, Gabby encourages viewers to get rid of any oversized furniture.

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Instead of keeping the large desk in her bedroom, Gabby replaced the item with a smaller chest of drawers.

This will make better use of the space around you and prevent you from feeling confined.

“The next thing you want to do is get rid of those ragged curtains and replace them with white sheers,” she suggests.

According to Gabby, hanging the curtains higher on the wall will make your room “brighter, taller and bigger”.

“Finally, less is more,” Gabby proclaims.

Clear the surfaces of your bedroom to eliminate visible clutter.

“Getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff in your bedroom is going to make it a lot bigger and a lot less cluttered,” she says.

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A viewer added their suggestion, “Also get a white floor, it makes the room look bigger, it works, I promise.”

“Love it all except I’m a night shift nurse so blackout curtains are a MUST,” one commenter wrote.

Replace oversized furniture with smaller pieces


Replace oversized furniture with smaller pieces1 credit
Hanging white sheer curtains high on the wall will make the space look bigger and brighter


Hanging white sheer curtains high on the wall will make the space look bigger and brighter1 credit
Declutter all surfaces


Declutter all surfaces1 credit

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