I’m an Interior Design Professional – 5 Things That Make Your Home Look Cheap and Paint Color Plays a Part


ALTHOUGH standard white walls may seem uninspiring, certain paint colors can make your home feel cheap.

Interior design guru Dunya has listed shades to avoid and other details that can detract from the look of your home.


An Interior Design Enthusiast Listed The Things That Can Make Your Home CheapCredit: Getty

In a social network videoThe first thing Dunya pointed out that can make your home look shoddy is your walls.

She said: “You might have walls in bright colors like green, yellow or orange. Now, unless they’re perfectly designed to suit a maximalist design style, you will only degrade the appearance of your room.

“Stick to neutrals for your walls and you won’t make a mistake.

Next, Dunya covered a piece of furniture you might want to ditch.

If you have an all-in-one mirror-hanger-shoe rack piece, consider replacing it with another type of storage.

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“Besides taking up a lot of the vertical part of your hallway, it’s not very aesthetically pleasing,” Dunya explained.

Instead, she said to opt for a long shoe rack instead.

“It will create an illusion of extra space while maintaining its functionality.”

The next item Dunya touched on was mass-produced wall art.

“I know this three or five piece canvas wall art is very popular, but I can assure you that there is a better way to decorate your wall,” she said.

“Go for something that looks more neutral, or is handmade.”

Dunya says excessive decor is another indicator of an inexpensive living space.

“You may be living in a small space, but you refuse to let go of your over-decoration. Instead, it ends up turning into clutter.

“Don’t get rid of all the things, but hide them where they can’t be seen. And see how much more peaceful the space will become.”

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Dunya moved on to her latest criticism: small rugs.

“If you’re not sure your rug is very big, chances are it’s not big enough. A rug that’s too small will appear to be floating around the room, rather than part of it, ” she concluded.

Brightly colored walls like green, yellow, or orange can detract from the look of your home.


Brightly colored walls like green, yellow, or orange can detract from the look of your home.Credit: Getty

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