I’m an interior design professional – the mistake that makes your home cheesy not fancy


THIS decorating mistake makes your home look cheesy, not fancy, according to an interior designer.

Everyone loves a good beach-themed bedroom. It can make your home feel like an oasis and make all guests feel like they’re on vacation.


These simple tips from an interior designer can help elevate your homeCredit: TikTok/vybeinterior
Go for a beach concept rather than a beach theme to give your home a classier feel


Go for a beach concept rather than a beach theme to give your home a classier feelCredit: TikTok/vybeinterior

However, this style of design needs to be done right or else your chic beach house will be transformed into a tacky beach shack.

An expert designer from Vybe Interior shared the biggest mistake when people try to bring the beach into their homes.

In a TikTok videothe designer recommended going for a beach concept rather than a beach theme.

You may be thinking, what’s the difference? But therein lies the common error.

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I'm an interior designer - top decorating mistakes people make

People get carried away adding too many beach souvenirs such as oars, hibiscus flower patterns and wave designs on the walls.

For a classier look, opt for a beach concept in your home.

A beach concept is more subtle and adds richer elements that don’t scream beach day, but whisper cool, calm vibes.

For this look, the designer suggested using natural materials from the beach, such as wicker and wood.

You can also add elements of pampas grass and feathers in neutral colored vases.

The designer said these tips give a “more coastal vibe” to your space.

This designer also shared three common living room mistakes, regardless of your design concept.

The first error explained in the TikTok video tries to match each piece of furniture, or as she said “matching sets of furniture”.

She said “you don’t want to look too cookie cutter and the same.”

The designer also cautioned against hanging your artwork too high.

Finally, if you have a futon and it’s not for practical reasons, throw it away.

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The only reason you need a futon in your living room is if you need extra sleeping space.

Follow these tips to spruce up your home and keep it looking sleek and not tacky.


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