Interior design: “Great way” to make your living room “more spacious”


According to interior specialists ScS and interior designer Sylvia James of HomeHow, placing your sofa in the “right spot” and choosing a color scheme to complement the size of the room can add “the illusion of spaciousness.” “. This can help make the room appear larger than it actually is.

With that in mind, the two companies have teamed up to reveal the definitive guide to room design and decorating for a small living room.

Experts said: “Small spaces need a lot of love, and if designed correctly they can feel a lot bigger than they are.

“Use the space you have wisely, keeping the room clutter-free.”

First, experts recommended choosing the right sofa, which is “of the utmost importance” in small spaces.

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Experts said: “They help create the illusion of space.

“Plus, it’s also a really hot trend right now, so going for a natural palette means you’re on trend.

“If you like a pop of color, bring it in with accessories like lamps, frames, throw pillows and blankets. Don’t go too heavy here because you might dominate the space.”

If you have a small space, it can be easy for clutter to appear and take over.

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According to experts, this is when you need to get creative with storage and furniture.

Using an ottoman to store books or buying a sofa with drawers can help the room appear less cluttered.

The experts added: “You will end up having more space, while keeping it as a functional living space.

“Also experiment with mirrors and lighting.

“A great way to make a room feel more spacious is to increase the flow of light, so adding mirrors to reflect natural light during the day is great for making a space feel bigger.

“Place a mirror in front of the natural light source so that it is projected into the room.”

Having plenty of lighting solutions is also great for maintaining that illusion when it’s dark.

Tall, thin mirrors don’t take up much space but can help increase the amount of light in the room.


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