Is aged furniture outdated?


Always a style centered on creating a rustic and welcoming space, the farmhouse style of 2022 strives to do so through the use of raw materials and textures, modern craftsmanship and a generally more purified. According to Real Homes, instead of using faux distressed furniture to create that famous rustic farmhouse feel, this modern take on the trend encourages the use of earthy materials, like wood, wicker and linen to provide a more authentic feeling of warmth, which is rooted in craftsmanship and nature.

Rather than simply mimicking vintage or rustic charm, this more handcrafted take on the farmhouse style encourages the celebration of heritage design in a more subtle and less clichéd way. For example, instead of choosing a faux distressed piece of furniture for your kitchen, go to your local thrift store to find a genuine second-hand piece. But if you already have a cabinet you plan to use, Family Handyman suggests painting it a historic color — rather than letting it weather.

Simply put, in a time when we embrace nature and authenticity, distressed furniture, unfortunately, seems a bit too contrived.


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