Keep it simple: low maintenance office interior design


With workers no longer chained to their desks and their workplaces adapting to a more flexible working environment, specialists in the fitting out and renovation of commercial interiors, APSS look at simple, low-maintenance ways to improve your office environment.

The last few years have made the office a more variable space. With the current workplace revolution, how do you keep things simple and low maintenance?

There’s a lot to be said for the minimalist design and simplicity of things. The clean, simple approach to office interiors is one that has been followed since the 1990s. The simple, clinical whites of that decade are gone, but the idea of ​​keeping things tidy still prevails.

As hybrid working and hotdesking become more popular, more emphasis has been placed on shared workspaces. This of course means that workstations must be kept clean, functional and in good working order.

So the clutter that accompanies the traditional desktop setup is gone. Personal items tend to be stored in drawers and as a result, desks can feel less busy and cluttered, which can improve productivity.

keep it clean

Cleanliness is a hugely important aspect of office maintenance, and due to COVID, it’s even more of a concern. Germs and bacteria live on office surfaces and furniture longer than you might imagine. Keeping surfaces clean is therefore the best way to combat this. Generally, offices, kitchens and bathrooms have safer surfaces.

When considering initial designs and surfaces in particular, it is best to choose sealed surfaces, avoiding materials that may retain moisture or absorb potentially harmful bacteria or germs. Avoid wood with open grains for example or rough, uneven stone surfaces, even if they appear superior.

Consider automation

You may already be using some degree of automation at home. Your robot vacuum or self-cleaning oven saves you time and money, so why not introduce some degree of automation into the office?

Pairing technology with design choices can also work wonders when it comes to tackling office interior solutions. There are a few solutions available if you need to keep floors clean at all times and you experience heavy foot traffic. Turning the vacuums on and choosing a low-maintenance carpet or floor surface can make a huge difference.

Choosing a carpet that does not require a lot of maintenance can often mean an aesthetic sacrifice. However, you can look for options that offer both style and ease of cleaning.

Ventilation and heating can also be something you can automate and manage perfectly. Automatic vents and heating sensors can ensure a comfortable temperature depending on the season, the outside temperature and the number of people in the building.

Automatic windows and heating vents can also make things easier and save you incredible amounts of money.

Lighting is something that can be automated easily, every area of ​​an office can be on motion detection and for areas where people will be working for long periods of time this can also be overridden. This saves both on lighting bills and on light pollution, which is increasingly becoming a problem in densely populated cities and towns.

A simple sensor system can be installed at the point of renovation or retrofitting to provide a perfect way to keep office lighting in good working order.

Bring nature indoors

Having office factories doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice valuable time and resources to keep them in order. There are tons of options when it comes to low maintenance plants and having them in the office can create a calm and serene environment. It can also promote a more creative office. Biophilic design is something that has a profound influence on many interiors, bringing the calming parts of nature indoors.

Remember that having plants in an office has many health benefits, including as humidity boosters, air purifiers, and general stress reducers.

Examine plants that require minimal care, such as cacti, succulents, and other plants that thrive in low water and can easily survive direct and indirect light. Options can include bushy ferns, spider plants, larger leafed varieties and more.

Avoiding plants that require pruning, daily watering, or flowering varieties can mean you can enjoy their best properties without worrying about over-maintaining them.

Hassle-free installations

In addition to eco-friendly options, there is so much more you can do with hygiene and convenience facilities in a bespoke office design.

For example, rainwater harvesting to flush toilets, water-saving faucets and even waterless urinals can all be incorporated into an office design to ensure there is no waste. and cleaning is much easier. Automatic flushes also mean that cleanliness and hygiene are also promoted effortlessly.

In kitchens, instant boiling water taps and smarter surface choices can also make a difference. There are many options available here for high traffic areas.

Feeling inspired to look into low-maintenance office design? APSS offers comprehensive design and construction services and can help you determine your office’s potential for your business. Visit the website for more details.


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