Levity Furniture Review


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I love interior design, chic interior decorating and channeling my artistic tastes into my living space. Unfortunately, I also have nine pets: four cats and five large dogs, which means that my ambitions to maintain an interior design that is both vintage and modern are often put on the back burner in favor of the comfort and happiness of my mini-zoo. Dirty dogs who spend half their time in our garden and relatively young cats who, despite my attempts to train them and put ugly duct tape on my furniture as a potential repellent, still scratch my favorite velvet sofa and fabric now destroyed headboard.

One of my top pet-proof finds of 2021 was Ruggable’s super premium (and really cute) washable mats, which are really resistant to pet urine, dirt, and hairballs. servants. Naturally, when I learned that Ruggable had a sister brand, Levity Home, which offers washable and stain-resistant furniture, I was immediately intrigued. I was lucky that the brand sent me a piece to try from their collection, and spoiler alert: it did not disappoint me.

Levity Home Machine Washable Lounger

I opted for Levity’s best-selling classic lounge chair, which gives a mid-century inspired look that my husband and I love. What I also love about Levity is that because the padding is removable, you can change your look without having to invest in a whole new piece of furniture. For example, I chose the eclectic cow print upholstery, which my husband didn’t like so much, so we agreed that in the fall he would choose a new upholstery for the chair. It’s great for updating your look for the holidays, seasons, or just refreshing home decor.

I really hate assembling furniture, but the classic Levity lounge chair was super easy to put together. It comes with three separate pieces that you simply put together. The fabric covering is actually the hardest part of the assembly process. It’s a bit like putting on a fitted sheet for a mattress, but less intuitive. However, with a few minutes of trial and error and a YouTube tutorial, we were able to figure it out… It’s not huge at all.

The upolsyery cover is designed with a stain-resistant and liquid-repellent base, which means worrying about coffee and wine spills is a thing of the past. On the pet-proof front, my chair endured my cat’s incessant scratching (maybe animal print wasn’t the best idea…?), and it holds up great . We’ve had it for about two months and only had to wash it once after a juice spill and it held up very well in the washer and dryer. All in all, if you have pets and/or toddlers but don’t want to sacrifice nice things, I couldn’t recommend Levity Home’s stylish and ultra-durable furniture more.

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