Margot Robbie’s ‘Barbie’ Fuels the ‘Barbiecore’ Interior Design Trend


Homeowners today are building real-life Barbie dream homes – not the plastic kind.

The new “Barbiecore” trend has officially hit interior design since its recent appearance in celebrity fashion and pop culture.

As audiences anticipate 2023’s next “Barbie” movie — and the iconic Barbie Dreamhouse turns 60 — the “Barbiecore” movement has made its way into home decor, according to a blog from the National Association of Realtors.

Blog editor Melissa Dittman Tracey, a contributor to Realtor magazine, wrote about the aesthetic and how it features playful designs, lots of color and all in pink.

Tracey offered some design tips for anyone interested in trying the trend at home.

Instead of Barbie’s signature bubblegum pink, she says, homeowners are opting for a more muted blush tone for their walls and accent furniture.

Barbiecore room
The “Barbiecore” trend is taking over interior decoration.
Barbiecore Room
Curved furniture is a must for a “Barbiecore” home.
Barbiecore Room
Pink is the main color of the “Barbiecore” designs.

Frilly Home Accessories can include items like ruffled sheets and tassel lampshades, she said.

The look also invites small floral prints on linens and wallpaper, as well as vintage wall decor, such as holiday prints and postcard posters.

Furniture with a curve is “a must” to mimic Barbie’s Dreamhouse sofas and curved chairs — a furniture trend that’s been hot “in the real world,” Tracey said.

Adding accessories with cloud-like down, like lined comforters or white and pastel sheepskin accents, can enhance the aesthetics of beds and sofas, according to the same source.

barbie dream
Barbie’s dream house turns 60.
Bloomberg via Getty Images
The “Barbiecore” aesthetic has grown in popularity in anticipation of the upcoming “Barbie” movie.
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