Northamptonshire furniture company sees demand for different types of workspace as more workers return to the office


As more companies ask their employees to return to the office at least a few days a week, one company in Northamptonshire is seeing the effect of the change firsthand.

Verve Workspace, based in Milton Malsor, is a specialist in corporate furniture and interiors and has seen a noticeable increase in demand for its services over the past eight months as more businesses invest in improving their workplaces.

According to a survey of 120 companies by real estate agency CBRE, almost 40% of bosses now expect workers to be at work at least three days a week, but Verve says there are a request for a different type of office workspace.

Steve Allan (center) with members of the Verve Workspace team.

Group Chief Executive Steve Allan said: “In recent months, more and more companies have turned to us to help them create inspiring workplaces, as more and more employees seek more and more to spend more time in a collaborative environment and want to separate their professional life from their personal life.

“Clearly the majority of companies want workers to return to the office, as there are so many benefits to having teams based in one location.

“In our own business, we find that being able to work closely together as a team is good for the well-being of our employees and it makes it easier for us to come up with creative designs for our clients who also get the most out of their space, like their budget.

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“It’s exciting to work with companies that invest in their workplaces because they appreciate that inspiring work environments help create a happy workforce that delivers increased levels of productivity.

“More and more companies are recognizing that people no longer necessarily want to work at endless rows of desks – they want softer, more flexible workspaces that bridge the gap between home and work.

“From what we’re seeing on the ground, it’s possible this is the start of the back-to-the-office revolution and it’s being driven as much by staff as it is by business.”

More recently, the company transformed half of the offices of a technology company into collaborative and flexible workspaces, modernized the work environment of an accounting firm and gave a facelift to a marketing company.


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