This Chennai home built with discarded materials creates comfort through sustainability


Experiments in color theory resulted in a hand-painted artwork by Mridula during her master’s degree, made of ink and resin.

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Linen curtains with shibori patterned, ceramic decor, apple-green walls, and delicately molded and painted doors soften the home’s otherwise industrial appeal. Second-hand vintage furniture like Chesterfield sofas and large leather armchairs from different vendors decorate the house.

Simple in its layout, the kitchen comes to life with unexpected finishes: glossy blue laminate, rustic concrete shutters and sleek black subway tiles covering the walls. “I love that it’s not a conventional kitchen, but has a slightly eclectic appeal,” says Mridula.

Velvety forest green, deep vines and burnt orange shine through tropical artwork and guest bedroom throw pillows, softly mirroring the outdoors. The uncluttered study and gymnasium are a canvas that emphasizes De Stijl themed custom blinds. “We drew on our shared experiences with our first set of co-designed projects that included sketches, floor plans, and photographs,” she says. The room has milky white tones, creating an interior depth punctuated by a collection of books, vibrant blinds and artifacts. Their undeniable love for denim shines through in particular in the headboard, the built-in diwan and the custom carpet in the master bedroom. Even the most time-worn remnants, Ammaar says, will find new life in her intricately layered furniture and upcycled furniture.

A pair of floating desks and shelves are designed to sit opposite each other in this all-white study.

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