Ways to add a splash of pink to your home’s interior design


There are lots of ways to use pink as an interior color theme to add an extra touch, from scarlet, mauve and cherry to soft pink and pastels. Whether implemented in bedrooms, a chic office, the hallway or the living room, the hue is pleasant and attractive. Your home can effectively and easily feature distinct rose decor depending on how you display it. Pink is actually a bold and original color option, unlike beiges or earth tones. While most people find it simple to add a few muted pink accents, creating a dramatic pink effect requires a bit more skill.

Here we offer you 3 ways to add a touch of pink to your home design.

1. Pink foyer with pink walls

Pink makes a statement in a relatively small space, like on the foyer wall, without taking too much time or money. In a design for an entryway, where you don’t often spend a lot of time, you can afford to be just as dramatic and bold with color. Anyone coming to the area will want to know because it will be the talk of the town. You can incorporate various pink aspects into the home, or it can be the only significant pink motif in your home.

pink in contrast

2. Contrast pink with other colors

Pink is a confident color that has a commanding presence and is used in interior design. It is adaptable and a variety of hues complement the pink. Roses can easily fit into almost any color palette, but there are a few shades that they complement well. Royal blue and hot pink, for example, look great in a modern space. More subdued colors include linen shades and pale blush pink.

Mix different shades of pink

3. Mix different shades of pink

A rich and interesting color palette can be created by layering several shades of pink. Consider combining and contrasting various shades of pink with various furniture and wall shades. You can choose baby pink living room furniture with more colorful curtains or a pink sofa with baby pink accent pillows.

Using rose decor around your home will help you create any type of room you desire, whether it’s very feminine or balanced.

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