What furniture should you really invest your money in?


For starters, you absolutely need to invest in your couch or couch (via The Spruce). Not only is this piece of furniture where you and your family spend a lot of time, but it is also often a focal point in your bedroom. A beautiful sofa can last 25 years. If you go for something lower quality, you might be saving money now, but you’ll be back to buying sofas in ten years or less.

This rule also applies to what happens below your sofa. A rug might not look like a place you want to spend a lot of your budget, but a cheap rug can wear out quickly. Investing in the right rug will also make a big difference in your space. According to Christina Slater, senior designer for Interior Marketing Group, you should choose the largest area rug that will fit in your space. “Always, always, always bigger on your mat,” she told Insider. “A larger rug defines the space and makes rooms feel a lot bigger than you think.”

Once your living room is squared off, it’s time to splurge on another main space. Pay extra for a good dining or kitchen table. Not only do you want a comfortable place to eat, but it’s an important place whenever you’re entertaining. Last but not least, spring for the best mattress and box spring; your back and your energy level will thank you.


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